When they don’t love you back

I’ll admit, sobbing on the cold brown tiles, begging my ex-boyfriend not to leave me was not my finest moment. Besides the fact there were inhumane amounts of snot dribbling down my face, far too close too my mouth, it was also the moment when I lost the last little bit of dignity I had.

We’ve all had those “please don’t leave me!” sobs. Generally, they happen when it’s really and truly time to leave, but the thought of being alone is more terrifying than staying in a relationship where you’re not wanted or happy.

It wasn’t the first time he had tried to leave me, and after that final time, I promised myself that I would never let someone tell me they didn’t want me more than once. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite live up to this promise.

The problem is that people can tell you that they don’t want you without using a single word. I learned this the hard way. It was guy who called me “dude” after I persistently embarrassed myself by texting him for days. The guy who wanted me only when I called first. The friend who became best friends with a girl who treated me like trash, and then started treating me the same way.

The thing is, someone who isn’t all in is generally out. I realise that it is quite dramatic to say that you’ll never let someone tell you they don’t want you more than once, because second chances are real and many successful relationships have been through this hiccup and came out the other end stronger. However, more often than not, when someone shows you what they’re really feeling, you sure as hell should believe them.

Lots of love,

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2 thoughts on “When they don’t love you back”

  1. It only takes one success at relationships to make a lifetime of memories. We often get caught in the very real emotions that accompany the loss of love. But each severed relationship has lessons within, that when learned, form the foundation for the one that succeeds. Thank you for this great article

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